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Advertising Sales Executives

South Kildare

Sandra Whelan

Phone: 087-6963953

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North Kildare

Rosemarie O'Reilly

Phone: 087-7384976

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Faye Darcy

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David Delaney

Phone: 087-9423741

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Commercial Manager

Mike Moore

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Display Advertising

  • Kildare Nationalist offers competitive rates for all our display advertising
  • We are the leading newspaper in South Kildare
  • Nationalist Series Readership is 67,000 per week

Example sizes:

1) 1/6 of page advert: 111mm x 100mm

2) 1/4 page advert: 111mm x 160mm

3) Half page advert: 265mm x 160mm

Classified Advertising

Classified page example

Place a feature advertisement in our leading newspapers..and it could cost you nothing!.

Let the experts handle the details:

  • We provide unrivalled redership - 76,818 people
  • We handle the editorial and photographs
  • We contact the support advertisers
  • We guarantee a limited number of features per issue
  • We deliver RESULTS

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