Man jailed for sexually assaulting 66-year-old neighbour in Cork

A man has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexually assaulting his 66-year-old neighbour in Cork. The 51-year-old accused, who is originally from Limerick, put a cushion over his victim’s mouth. The Judge said the...

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Concerns over safety of cyclists once new Luas Cross City line is in use

There are concerns about the safety of cyclists once the new Luas Cross City line is operating in Dublin. The National Transport Authority has identified several ‘pinch points’ in the city centre where there will be a lack of space...

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DPP wins appeal over sentence of man who attempted to bring €440m of cocaine through Cork coast

The DPP has won an appeal on a point of law over an Appeal Court decision which led to the...

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Ireland must seriously consider ‘Irexit’ from EU, UK think tank says

Ireland should give “serious consideration” to following Britain out of the EU, a right-leaning UK think tank said. The Republic...

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Jobstown: ‘Everybody in the country now seems to be an expert on helicopter evidence’

The Garda Representative Association has rejected claims that members attempted to “stitch up” the Jobstown protesters who were acquitted last...

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Darren Kennedy to co-host Xposé

Darren Kennedy is to co-host Xposé this week as part of the show’s summer series of guest presenters. Darren is...

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