Tales from the Town Hall

ONE of the most important events of any year for the local authority was the business of striking a new rate and the year 1963 was no exception. The headline in a local newspaper read ************Naas rate up by four...

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Tales from the Town Hall: One hundred years ago Part 2

CONTINUING our look at the council chamber snippets we find that in April a special meeting of the UDC was called for the consideration of the rate estimate for 1913-1914. The clerk to the council Mr J Boyle submitted his...

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Gleanings from the council chamber 100 years ago

Tales from the Town Hall BY contrast with the beginning of the century the start of the second decade (1910)...

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Tales from the Town Hall. More political dynasties

IN the 1950 Urban District Council Bill Callaghan was elected for the first time and subsequently was continuously elected at...

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Tales from the Town Hall Political Dynasties

  By Mick Mulvey IN the old ballroom of the Town Hall, which is now the Naas Town Council chamber,...

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Tales from the Town Hall-Good neighbours

THERE is an old saying “everyone needs good neighbours” and in that respect the Town Hall is no exception. The...

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